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Bikini Waxes....

FULL BIKINI: The full removal of all bikini hair. "In the butt" waxed also.

PLAYBOY: Your panty line sides waxed into a "V" or straight line. Labia is waxed. "In the butt" waxed.

PSUEDO: Panty line waxed. Labia is not waxed. "In the butt" waxed.

BRAZILIAN: A thin line of hair left on top with the same thin strip of hair remaining down the lips. Like a long straight line up and under. "In the butt" waxed.

REGULAR: Just a wonderful old fashioned and wholesome panty line wax. This can add a nice illusion of length to your legs.

THUMBPRINT: One "thumbprint" left on top. Look at the bottom of your thumb and there you go. This became popular when the low pants came in style. "In the butt" waxed.

DESIGNS: Can be expensive and there is a lot of work, waxing and plucking to create initials and figures. Hearts are popular for valentines day. Ask.