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Waxing Services

Our Waxing Buffet Menu (Women):

Face Waxing:

HAIRLINE: From ear to ear just below the arch of the hairline around the forehead.

SIDES OF NECK HAIRLINE: Below the ears along the hairline on the neck. Takes away unsightly hair that shows or grows downward. This is really nice when you want to wear your hair up.

EYEBROW ARCH: There is nothing like having those quiet frames around your eyes professionally designed.

INSIDE NOSE HAIR: Let's put it this way…After you have this service you will be able to throw your head back and laugh and nobody will run.

LIP: No more mustache for you!

CHIN: You can "feel" it, but can never quite "pluck" it with your fingers can you? We can eliminate that chin hair for you.

SIDES OF FACE: Sideburn type of hair growth removed giving you a whole new look to the shape of your face. Highlights your profile beautifully.


Arm Waxing:

FULL ARM WAXING: Shoulders to wrists. Includes hands. Results are strokingly smooth.

3/4 ARM WAXING: Starting point midway between elbow and shoulder all the way down. Includes hands.

1/2 ARM WAXING: Shoulders to elbows or elbows to wrists. Includes hands.

UNDERARMS: Allow at least 1/4 inch growth.


Leg Waxing:

FULL LEG WAXING: Tops of thighs to ankles and toes.

3/4 LEG WAXING: Half-leg from knee to feet. Then we turn you on your tummy and wax the complete backs of your legs. From under your butt, down to ankles.

1/2 LEG WAXING: Tops of thighs to under the knees OR tops of knees to ankles.

1/4 LEG: One quarter, one out of four leg area choices. Top front thigh, Lower front leg, Top back thigh, or Lower back leg.

FEET AND TOES: Requested by itself, separate service. It is included with leg waxing.


Bikini Waxing:

FULL BIKINI: The full removal of all bikini hair. "In the butt" waxed also.

PLAYBOY: Your panty line sides waxed into a "V" or straight line. Labia is waxed. "In the butt" waxed.

PSUEDO: Panty line waxed. Labia is not waxed. "In the butt" waxed.

BRAZILIAN: A thin line of hair left on top with the same thin strip of hair remaining down the lips. Like a long straight line up and under. "In the butt" waxed.

REGULAR: Just a wonderful old fashioned and wholesome panty line wax. This can add a nice illusion of length to your legs.

THUMBPRINT: One "thumbprint" left on top. Look at the bottom of your thumb and there you go. This became popular when the low pants came in style. "In the butt" waxed.

DESIGNS: Can be expensive and there is a lot of work, waxing and plucking to create initials and figures. Hearts are popular for valentines day. Ask.


Women's Miscellaneous:

WOMAN'S FULL "BUTT" CHEEKS: Some girls have so much hair there that they could scooch along a floor and have it polished in minutes. Can you imagine? We turn a lot of hairy butts into a very smooth palate.

WOMEN'S "INSIDE BUTT": This service can be given independently of bikini waxing and often is. Hair holds odor but not after we wax it out.

WOMEN'S LOWER BACK: Wonderful when worn with the low pants.

WOMEN'S STOMACH (FULL): From under your breasts to the top of your bikini line. Wide to the sides of your body.

WOMAN'S STOMACH (HALF): From your belly button down to the top of your panty line. From hip to hip.

WOMAN'S PUBIC HAIR TINT: What we don't wax, we can age away with darkening. We don't bleach pubic hair, too sensitive of an area.


Gentleman's Waxing and Service Menu:

We know you guys are just as curious as can be about all this waxing going on and it's becoming quite amazing how many guys are coming in to the salon for this service.

No, it's not only gay guys that get waxed either. It's manly and wonderful, hygienic and don't be afraid because we are really good here at Pink Cheeks. Feel free to come in for a FREE sample patch test wax (on your arm or back) and let's see how your skin responds to it. There is a small chance that you may break out a bit from it at first but your skin will get used to it over time. It is very rewarding and visually attractive to have hair removed that you are uncomfortable with and we will make you feel very welcome with our professionalism and pride.

Hurrah for the man who invests in grooming!

Our Waxing Menu (Men):

MEN'S EYEBROWS: We clean them up very nicely. We do not make them feminine unless requested. We respect that cleaning up a man's brows can make a nice difference so that others may notice a clean change, but not enough to catch on to what was done.

MEN'S NOSE HAIR WAX: ALL of us know at least ONE man that could really use this service. The worst is when some sort of lint is "kabobed" on it. We can make a anonymous gift certificate out for you on this one. It will be a service that a man will hate to love, but he will love it after it is done.

MEN'S EAR HAIR: Same as above.

MEN'S BACK OF NECK HAIR WAXING: Shaving nubs abound after a few hours. This is a nice service that lasts quite a long time.

MEN'S SHOULDERS: No epilates for the man who grooms his shoulders. Any man who has shoulder hair should come have it waxed off.

MEN'S ARMS: Good for bicyclers, swimmers, work-out guys or anyone. After we wax you the first time this service could become habit forming.

MEN'S UNDERARMS: This is a nice and pleasant surprise for those who are tired of sticky armpit hair. You would be surprised how popular this service is…

MEN'S CHEST: We are nothing like the 40 year old virgin! That movie made everyone think that that is how people get waxed! It's not true! We are licensed, educated, trained, supported by the State Board and legal! A lot of cheaper places like what that movie showed are not licensed nor properly trained. We really know how to wax your chest and all of us at Pink Cheeks are very professionally trained.

Don't be scared!

MEN'S HALF STOMACH: Belly button down to pant line. Side to side too.

MEN'S BACK: Our most popular service. First time can be a little tender, and we will recommend that you pick up some of our home care product to discourage bumps. Once you get used to this (and you will) the service will become addictive. There's nothing more wonderful than having a smooth back. 'Specially if someone is scratching your back! Shirts will feel different on too. Come in for a free test patch wax.

MEN'S LOW BACK (only): This is good for sparse unsightly hair on the mid to lower back area.

MEN'S PLAYBOY (bikini): Everything around the genital area except the scrotum. We do cover you with a towel and will work around that towel over you. Gentlemen only, welcome.

MEN'S FULL BUTT CHEEKS: Some guys have so much hair on their butt that they could scooch around a floor and have it polished in no time! This waxing can make a nice difference to the look and feel of your bottom, most nicely noticeable to yourself. We suggest getting "in the butt" waxed with this service too so you don't look like you have a "hair taco" down there.

MEN'S INSIDE BUTT: Nothing beats good hygiene than a clean butt. Many guys come in for this service not gay and gay. We dare you to try it once and we know that we will see you again. This service is very very popular and for all the right reasons.

MEN'S FULL LEG WAX: This is a very interesting service that men who like to show off their bodies get. It is sooo much better than shaving and a nice treat to yourself.


Just Remember...

Where there's hair, we're there!