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Pink Cheeks

Peeper & Pubic Tints

WOMAN'S PUBIC HAIR TINT: What we don't wax, we can age away with darkening. We don't bleach pubic hair, too sensitive of an area.

EYELASH TINT: A delightful change from smeary mascara and great for the allergy prone! Darkened lashes create such a nice frame around your eyes. Great as a mascara base, for swimmers, and contact wearers, or for any reason or personal treat. It's a vegetable tint. Very safe, and can last up to two weeks. Color choices: Black, violet/black. Brown available for gentlemen and those who desire a softer tint.

EYEBROW TINT: You'll be surprised how nice this is and what a difference a little change can make. This will really enhance your eyes!

EYELASH EXTENSIONS: We refer this service to a very conscientious professional that has been trained in the new way to put on eyelashes attached to every hair next to your own eyelashes. The results of this service is very impressive.