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Does waxing hurt?

People have different tolerances. We have discovered that anticipation is much more intense than realization at Pink Cheeks. We get a lot of hugs after waxing and compliments that clients felt very comfortable with the intimacy of the service.


How long does the hair have to be?

Each hair grows at different speeds so the longer you wait, the more thorough the waxing. Do not cut, buzz or trim. If it is too short, the wax will "slip" off the hair as we pull, and we have to go back a second sometimes third time, then pluck too! Ouch!

Hair is long enough to wax when you can pinch the hair and pull up, and you can lift up your skin.


How long does the waxing last?

You can come back to Pink Cheeks in about six weeks.


What about Re-Growth?

Contrary to popular belief, Body Waxing does not promote more hair growth! As you wax after re-growth, the hair follicle root begins to create thinner and thinner hair. You will begin to notice this by observing the white root ball getting smaller and smaller at the end of each hair. Eventually, it will become non-existent.


Will I have a reaction to Waxing?

We'd like to say "no". We offer a fantastic product that does a beautiful job of assisting in maintaining all of your waxing services for home care. You are welcome to come in for a free patch test wax anytime.


Why remove hair?

Waxing makes your skin smooth and silky and this result lasts a long time. In the more intimate areas it's really wonderful because hair holds on to odor. Without hair there, you can stay cleaner, longer.


What about if I am on my period?

Many clients come in when they are on their period. It may be a little more sensitive in your mind because you are a little more emotional with the hormone activity inside of you at that time. Physically it's really just the same. It is not a problem for us at Pink Cheeks if you want to come in during that special time.


Can I tan after a wax?

Yes, but it is better to wait a few hours so your skin can re- acclimate after a wax. Don't come in after a spray on tan, our wax will clean the area right off. Spray tan after your waxing appointment. Don't come in if you are sun or tanning salon burned. Waxing would be way too much trauma on the skin.


I'm on Accutane / Medicine/ Exfoliants. Can I come in for a wax?

No. You must wait at least six weeks at the end of your medicinal treatment(s) to make sure everything is clear and skin cells and nerves are not so sensitive on and in your skin.


Do you wax men's beards?

No. The skin is way too sensitive and hair too thick.


Can you wax a man's scrotum?

No. If we even tried that we would have to peel him off of the ceiling after the first pull.


What wax style is most popular with the porn stars?

The FULL bikini wax.


What do you notice about people that is unique?

Almost everyone has a little BLUE DOT on their butt, leg, thigh, back or body somewhere. It has been fascinating to me after all these years knowing that a lot of you clients got sharp pencil tips jabbed into you when you were young. Those blue dots are pencil lead marks. Most of you don't remember how they got on you.