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Pink Cheeks


We want to make one thing perfectly clear…..Your Skin!

Available for Men and Women


There is nothing more WONDERFUL than having a Pink Cheeks Technician pamper and professionally cleanse your skin. Our name originally reflects what we were famous for… FACIALS. "Pink Cheeks" really means just that! The picture of health, complexion clarifying, regenerating good skin and a happy truly clean face. If you have begun to notice and disapprove of the slackening way your skin looks or feels, it is not your skin as much as the congestion and lack of energy within it that makes you look and feel this way. We work with result oriented skin care. We have what it takes to bring a new and long lasting vitality to the look and feel of your skin. We take care of you the old fashioned way. Hands on, with cleansing, steaming, massaging, extractions, exfoliation, circulation and lifting treatment, firming masque, skin conditioning therapy and hydrating products applied. All in one treatment! You can create a noticeable difference to the quality and condition of your appearance by having a professional facial. You will exit our salon with younger, healthier, firmer, freshened, brightened skin with a feeling of comfort and internal well-being. Hands and Feet are nicely massaged too! Ummmmm!



Picture entering a quiet room with gentle serene music. We will begin your facial as you relax on our very comfortable facial bed (heated during the winter), nice and cozy. Your facial will begin with the application of cleansing crème thoroughly massaged onto your skin. VERY WARM aromatherapy towels are applied around your tired aching shoulders and this you will love. Your cleansing crème is gently removed. Natural disincrustation extracts are applied to remove the old and tired skin cells. After cleansing again, warm healing hands begin to massage your shoulders, neck, upper back and face as a gentle steam gently mists over you. This eases away the tension we (oftentimes unconsciously) hold within our face and upper body. A thorough "hands on"

cleansing follows. Yes, that means extractions (we even check in and behind your ears!), unless otherwise requested. A delightful scrub and skin exfoliation peel is provided with your facial creating a delightful smooth texture. A firming and toning masque is applied and as you rest, we massage your hands and feet. AAAhhh!

Your skin has been wonderfully pampered, your busy mind relaxed and inner spirit renewed. Our facial is none like you've experienced before. It will be the BEST.



A quick and very nice maintenance facial. This includes a nice light steam, removal of superficial congestion and a masque. This is a great teen facial or "pick me up" facial for those on a budget or tight time schedule.




City living makes our skin so vulnerable to many outside sources of aging and quiet unhealthy sabotage to the look and feel of our skin.. Floating chemicals in the air, car exhaust as we walk, even the talc in our make-up dehydrates! For protection, our skin develops a type of protein layer build up to buffer and protect from these elements. Our exfoliation treatment takes away that layering build up. There is no down time and this is a real treat that perks up your skin quite nicely. Applications of plant extracts and moisturizing follows.



You would never think that something like this could be available. We at "Pink Cheeks" can make a difference on what you can "feel" but what you can't "see" (like bumps). This is a nice treat for a special occasion, prom, or just maintenance that you feel you might need.

Rest assured that you will feel confident about showing off one of your body's most attractive areas knowing that it is visually pleasing from the backside. The service replicates the mini-facial, only for your back. Treat Yourself.



This is a popular service with women who have a tendency for those darn ingrown hairs in the bikini area. Or blackheads, or bumps that you don't understand why they appeared. There is nothing more unsightly than bumps around the pubic area and we have the ability to "evacuate those homesteaders." Service description follows the method of the mini-facial., only for your bikini area.



Those little bumps that you feel on your butt that you sometimes try to scratch off is called folliculitis. Most everyone has it to some degree. We lay you on your tummy and cover everything up except your butt. The treatment is very similar to the mini- facial description mentioned above.