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In the long, long ago primitive days no one thought about removing their hair. It was a "messenger" of sorts. Yes, a messenger. How? When we would squat in those old days, to work or to eat by the fire, our hair let us know if there were any leaves, twigs or bugs on us so we could then reach down and brush them off. Now we wear underwear and sit at tables so the need to have hair has been greatly diminished. We at PINK CHEEKS Salon have created the quickest way to create thorough hair removal by BODY WAXING. The quality of wax a salon uses is very important. Most other salons use a cheaper wax made out of tree resins (sometimes various colors). Yes. And this type of wax has a tendency to "break" the hair and not remove it by the root. That could be a win-win for another salon and client because it may not hurt BUT it is because the root was not removed and the salon will get you back in about two weeks for the same service. However, this is often the main cause of ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs are caused when your skin re-generates over the hair follicle pore after hair has been broken and the root dislodged but not quite removed. Our wax quality is the best a salon can use. It is a refined spun honey bees wax for the direct application and 100% Egyptian cotton muslin. The tighter weave provides a more thorough removal of hair. The wax is heated to a consistent comfortable temperature, applied with a tongue depressor, muslin applied (4x8 inch strip), then removed off very fast and directly parallel with the skin. A firm pat on the area to turn the mind away from the anticipation and on we go. We follow the highest sanitation requirements and have been in business twenty-one years. Now listen up…gentlemen, you too. After a Pink Cheeks wax, we do not need to see you for six weeks. To supplement, we do sell a nice exfoliation product that helps a lot for daily maintenance, and every good salon should have that available.

OK, sooo, you want to save some money and do it yourself? Wax and waxing kits can be purchased but they mostly don't work. The companies don't want you to hurt yourselves or have the liability of that happening so they make their waxing products pretty passive. We've had many a client walk in like a cowgirl wanting us to finish a job she so daringly tried to do herself. Make note on trying to wax yourself that the chances are that there will probably be "too much anticipation in your fear and too much caution in your pull." You can hurt yourself with hesitancy. Other options:

LASER hair removal is expensive and we often see people back waxing within six months.

ELECTROLOGY works real well for small areas like chin, ears, nose, toes, easy and light hair removal needs.

SHAVING the old standby will guarantee you nubs within eight hours. Razors can also cut a fine layer of skin off too and we've all been there.

WAXING is instantly and visually rewarding. There is no down time, hair grows back finer and lighter and we have clients coming in as early as 6:30 am! Intimately you will love how waxing makes you feel and hygienically you can't beat it. And at Pink Cheeks…

Where there's hair, we're there!